Traction Control Button Retrofit Kit - VW Jetta

Traction Control Button Retrofit Kit - VW Jetta

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Take control of your launch with this convenient kit. For vehicles with factory button blank arrangement.

ECS put together this Traction Control retrofit for an easy installation and a stock look.

Volkswagen did not grace the MKVI Jetta with a button to deactivate the Traction Control System (TCS).

Turning off TCS, also referred to as ESP, allows the driver to keep applying power to the front tires even in a situation where they may be losing traction.

This can be beneficial in snow/poor weather, at the track when cornering aggressively or if you just want to do a big, smokey burnout.

Fortunately the functionality was left intact, its just lacking the button and wiring components.

The kit includes a harness designed by ECS, a Genuine VW ESP switch, and all necessary connectors to help put you in control of your traction.

After all, who doesn't like a big smokey burnout?

*Note* This kit is for vehicles equipped WITH standard ignition key start system.

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