ECS High Flow Turbo Outlet Pipe Kit - for VAG MQB

ECS High Flow Turbo Outlet Pipe Kit - for VAG MQB

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BND$ 350.00

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The factory MQB Gen3 plastic charge pipes and rubber couplers were never designed to handle the stress and abuse of higher boost levels much beyond stock. When combined with power-robbing abrupt and sharp bends, inferior rubber material, and small diameter tubing, it's easy to see why your intercooler pipes and couplers should be replaced, even on stock vehicles. 

At ECS Tuning, we're proud to release our in house designed and engineered High Flow Turbo Outlet Pipe Kit! Each kit comes standard with mandrel bent, bead rolled, powdercoated aluminum turbo-to-intercooler plumbing, smooth flowing silicone couplers stainless steel T-Bolt clamps and all installation accessories for an easy, direct bolt on installation. 

The factory turbocharger outlet pipe has serious restriction right out of the compressor outlet due to small diameter tubing and irregular obstructions. We improved on this charge pipe by providing a smooth transitioning silicone coupler right off the turbo outlet which carries boost pressure to our carefully evaluated larger, 60mm (~2 3/8") tubing diameter intercooler pipes. The upper intercooler pipe features a CNC-machined and TIG welded mounting flange for the CNC-bent aluminum mounting bracket to allow for OE-like fitment. The lower intercooler pipe features a smooth transition into the silicone intercooler coupler for optimized flow. 

Capable of withstanding greater heat and higher boost pressure than stock, you can expect to achieve greater reliability, less turbulence and less restriction thanks to the larger diameter tubing and smooth silicone bends. Never worry about blowing couplers off of our tubes, as each tube is bead rolled and secured with stainless T-bolt clamp over our 4-ply reinforced silicone couplers.


The ECS High Flow Turbo Outlet Pipe Kit includes the following:

Silicone Turbo Outlet Coupler60mm Upper Turbo Outlet Pipe, with CNC-Bent Mounting Bracket and HardwareSilicone Upper-to-Lower Turbo Outlet Pipe Coupler60mm Lower Intercooler PipeSilicone Intercooler Inlet CouplerStainless Steel T-bolt Hose Clamps 

Key Features:

Reduces turbulence and increases air flow capacityGains up to 10 WHP & 10 FT-lbs of torque with APR Stage 2 93 octane software, 3.0" Milltek turboback exhaust and ECS Kohlefaser Luft-Technik Air Intake with our High Flow Turbo Outlet Pipe Kit and Throttle Pipe Kit (Gains measured on MK7 Golf R)Mandrel bent and bead rolled aluminum tubing, powder coated in tough wrinkle black or wrinkle red finishesReplaces all rubber hoses from turbocharge-to-intercooler with 4-ply silicone upgradesEasy, direct replacement upgraded partInstallation video available online at 

**Fits 60mm intercooler inlet tube in OE location only

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