ECS Wheel Spacer 20mm Kit (5x112 66.5)

ECS Wheel Spacer 20mm Kit (5x112 66.5)

BND$ 250.00 250.0 BND

BND$ 250.00

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Wheel spacers have numerous benefits to the owner looking to give their vehicle an all-around upgrade. With these installed on your hub, you may run larger brakes. Spacers are able to do this by providing you additional clearance behind the wheel, which will allow for bigger brakes and larger suspensions.

The aesthetic benefits of wheel spacers are many. Whether you’re after the tuck, poke or that perfectly flush look, spacers can assist you in that desire. With the wheels pushed out, you may also experience handling benefits by improving the level of grip that your car has in the corners. They will also assist you if you want to run a more aggressive wheel fitment.

Our ECS Spacer Kit include 1 pair of spacers, 10 matching longer lug bolt, and are hub centric.

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