ECS - Boost Tap for EA888 Gen 3 1.8/2.0

ECS - Boost Tap for EA888 Gen 3 1.8/2.0

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The ECS Billet Aluminum Manifold Port Boost Tap Kit conveniently adds three boost / vacuum ports to your Gen3 engine for any of your specific needs. Located on the left side of the intake manifold within the unused side intake port, this location provides a strong pneumatic signal and allows for an installation. Through multiple design revisions and product testing, our team of engineers found that other methods of acquiring a manifold signal, such as spacing the MAP / IAT sensor on top of the intake manifold, lead to skewed data being transmitted to the ECU. We found that intake air temperatures were reading lower (15-20° F at WOT), ignition timing was off (as much as -5°) and air /fuel ratio was richer (+1.0 point by 5,000 RPM). This directly translated into engine power dropping by as much as 6 WHP on an untuned vehicle! You can be certain that all critical data is not affected and your engine's ECU has all of its valuable information to properly adjust timing and fuel with our leading edge design! Engineered specifically for the Gen3 engine, we designed our Manifold Port Boost Tap with 3 ports, so you have multiple options to provide the strongest manifold signal to either your boost gauge, blow off valve, water meth switch or any other pneumatic device.


In-house designed and made in America, you can expect nothing short of the best performance and longevity with this superior Manifold Port Boost Tap Kit from ECS Tuning!

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