Forge Motorsport Valve Service Kit - VAG 2.0

Forge Motorsport Valve Service Kit - VAG 2.0

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BND$ 80.00

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If you wish to rebuild or service your Forge Motorsport product, we can offer a kit of replacement parts. By servicing your Valve/Adaptor at regular intervals, you can ensure that your Forge Motorsport product will last a lifetime.

Each service kit varies depending on which product you need it for. Valve service kits contain replacement "O" rings, piston, and grease. Blow Off Adaptor service kits contain replacement "O" rings and bolts. The Splitter Valve service kit contains a replacement brass piston and spring. Other vavles that have O-rings situated on the piston will not come with a piston as the wear is on the O-rings rather than the piston itself.

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