Forge Motorsport - 2 piece underbody brace kit for Mini F Series

Forge Motorsport - 2 piece underbody brace kit for Mini F Series

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BND$ 400.00

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The Underbody Brace kit was designed by our highly skilled Research and Development Team at Forge UK HQ. Using the best software on the market we simulated structural tests on multiple designs to see which came out on top. Once the design was decided sample braces were machined and bolted onto the vehicle for testing. After weeks of extensive R&D we concluded that our design was far more superior than the OEM. Adding ridigity and support to the chassis and suspension.

Both braces are CNC machined at Forge UK HQ based in Gloucestershire, England from a single block of billet aluminium, it is the highest quality of 6000 series aluminium alloy. Following a quality control check they are anodised in the "Forge Blue" colour to give it an aestheticly pleasing and elite look. We offer our Forge Motorsport Limited Lifetime Warranty on the material and manufacturing process of the braces. Due to the harsh environment of where they are fitted we cannot offer warranty on the anodised finish. We managed to create a part that is incredibly simply to install and can even be fitted with the existing (OEM) bolts from the vehicle.

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