RaceChip ResponseControl

RaceChip ResponseControl

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RaceChip ResponseControl offers 6 specifically designed settings for the response characteristic of your vehicle.  Using our 4 sports settings you can gradually increase the responsiveness of your throttle until you reach the response characteristics of a full-blooded sports car, ideal for pure driving pleasure on twisting roads. In addition, the 2 eco settings allow for a more comfortable calibration of your vehicle’s response characteristics compared to the default settings. These eco settings are helpful when driving in denser urban traffic to drive in a more fuel efficient way, for example.  ResponseControl does not change the power and torque figures of your car, but instead enables you to access its performance instantaneously. Launching and accelerating your car feels much more spontaneous when using one of the 4 sport settings. Or you can use the 2 eco settings to drive comfortable and save fuel at the same time.

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