Snow Performance Stage 2 Power Max WMI Kit for Turbo Engine(VC-50)

Snow Performance Stage 2 Power Max WMI Kit for Turbo Engine(VC-50)

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BND$ 1,500.00

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One Year Warranty on defects



Optimal Cooling with Water Injection

Obtain up to 10-25% more power in your turbo- or supercharged engine, even if it´s pre-tuned, by using the Boost Cooler™-Water/Methanol Injection System!

The main function of the Boost Cooler is to suppress detonation caused by high temperature and pressure developed within the combustion chamber when the effective compression ratio has been taken beyond the auto-ignition point by either a turbo or a supercharger. Water, with its high latent heat content, is extremely effective for controlling not only the onset of detonation but also the production of oxides of nitrogen in the modern leanburn engines.

Furthermore, the Boost Cooler doesn't create an intake restriction like an intercooler, and unlike race gas, it reduces intake air temps up to 60°C and improves charge air density too.

Snow Performance systems effectively steam clean the valves, valve seats, and even the piston tops and intake when they inject. This reduces carbon build up. The Boost Cooler™ can be installed in a matter of hours without having to remove bumpers or do custom intake piping.

52mm OLED Control Unit

The all new Snow Performance Stage 2 Boost Cooler water-methanol injection system comes fully revamped for all turbodiesel vehicles as also trucks, marine applications and so on. It uses a progressive 52mm-gauge style controller that proportionally injects more or less according to boost pressure. Start and full points are adjustable for engagement and delivery curve to match what the engine requires. Proportionally injecting according to boost pressure gives an accurate delivery of water-methanol and allows cooling and performance improvements over a wide range for improved drivability.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x High Pressure Diaphragm Pump 300+ PSI

  • 1 x VC50 Controller (Since 2017 without separate Holder)

  • 2 x Nozzle

  • 1 x 9L Boost Cooler Reservoir

  • 1 x Low level indicator (includes LED and an EZ installation gommet)

  • 1 x Pressure tubing 1/4" (3 metre)

  • 1 x 1/4" Nozzle Holder, 90° Steel

  • 1 x Installation material

  • 1 x Installation instructions

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