T.M.Works Boost Gauge 2.5Bar

T.M.Works Boost Gauge 2.5Bar

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BND$ 450.00

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T.M.Works Direct Sensor Boost Gauge

  • T.M.WORKS Boost Gauge is able to directly show the sensor signals by putting the gauge into intake manifold sensor. Former boost gauges, which connecting OBD2 port, do not show the accurate numbers while installing boost-up modules.

  • However, our new gauge can show the exact numbers because the gauge is straightly connected with the sensor installed the vehicle. Also, we needed to connect different sensor adaptors since a lot of the recent vehicles do not have service holes of intake manifold sensor taking out pressure or cut a hose connecting a solenoid valve to install the boost mater. Even though we tried to install the former boost mater after cutting the solenoid valve, the accurate numbers did not show up.

  • T.M.WORKS Boost Gauge do not need either installing sensor adapters or cutting the valve. It is now possible to install the gauge easily and measure the exact boost numbers by the new techniques ,which filing a patent, such as special harnesses and air best gauge adapter (some of vehicles).

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